Colin O’Donoghue on set August 19, 2014

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First illustration for kedreeva, winner of our Sterek Campaign slots! She requested Stiles as a runemage, with Derek in his wolf form and a ethereal wolf familiar at his sides.


misunderstood animatronics are my favourite 5NAF concept tbh

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"Then let me prove it to you," said Marco, with a sly grin. And before Jean could protest, the freckled youth had reached out and tucked the white card into Jean’s own breast pocket. Patting the card through the coarse tan jacket, he said, "Carry that around for a day. You’ll see! It’ll do wonders for you."


"Kirschtein! Get out of the way!" The shorter guard was sheathing her blades and making a run for Jean, but the Gentle Titan was having none of this. The sides of its open palms landed hand in the dirt, cutting off the guards and enclosing Jean on all sides. He looked to the left and right at the walls of fingers and then yelped as they dug into the dirt and scooped him off the ground like he was a seedling to be replanted.

"Bad Marco!" he yelled. He tried to balance as he was lifted up to the Titan’s eye level but failed, eventually toppling backwards onto his rear end. "Put me down! Stop that!" But inside, though he was terrified out of his wits, he was giddy with joy. Marco had responded! He thrust the card towards the Titan’s giant face. "You do remember this, don’t you? You’re really him! You’re really Marco!”

The Walls are Walking, by PermianExtinction (aka permian-tropos)

Okay, so this probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without reading the fic, but trust me, go ahead and read it. It’s just my absolute favourite SnK fic, it just seems to have it all 8’I

Wow, I spent a good chunk of time finishing these up, but I’m very pleased with the result, man 8’I Tried out this cloud tutorial for the second drawing, but I also admit I did a little cheating in the third one and took a screencap from the anime for that background sshhh
As for the titan!marco design, I gotta say it’s kinda borrowed from many of the designs that are floating around, but I always had a soft spot for dogekind's design, so I suppose that’s the one it resembles most ubuu

Also made a gif??? ?? ? just wanted to try this out





remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 


Bathing togekiss (I bet it’s trainer would see this mess…)


i love this dumb turtledove like you have an entire backyard where you could find stationary shade but no you decide to chill out in the tiny spot of shade cast by the birdfeeder which moves so quickly that you have to get up every ten minutes why did you make this decision why do you make this decision every day